European boys: would you date an American girl?

Why or why not? State where you're from too if you want.

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  • I'm not a European boy, I'm a European man. . . and I'm from Europe . . . the edge of Europe where the limeys live

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I'd date an American woman. . . I've never even met one. I could head over to the tourist zones or the godforsaken universities to find them. But really ain't got time for that.

    Long story short. If I like American women I will fly to the US with a large sack. Once I find a good woman I'll put her in the sack and take her back with me


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What Guys Said 10

  • Yes. Absolutely. Unless we're talking about a long distance relationship then no.

    If its the empty head, superior attitude and that stereotype American girl then probably not. But I don't really think American girls are like that more than the girls on my country or anywhere else.

  • I'm from Europe (Spain) and I wanna marry an American girl.
    I've been living in the US for the past year and a half and I can surely say I wanna be with an American girl.

  • depends on the circumstances... i mean what good is dating if one of us had to leave to their homeland anyways. but other than that, no problem at all. i´m from germany by the way.

  • I'm Scottish and would I date an American lass? Well it depends on the individual girl herself, but in my experience they're quite exciting to be around with.

  • I'm a Scottish international student in the USA, and yes! I'd love to date one, they have fun personalities :)

    • Is Scotland generally a bit fond of Americans? I'm noticing a trend here. Lol

    • @code3
      We're open to all people of the world :)
      But yeah, Americans are considered exotic back home :P

  • Depends on a person, actually.

    I'd definitely date @Eiffelgirl21 <3
    She's awesome.

  • I'm English and no, I wouldn't. A lot of them are pretty sassy on my opinion with the whole "OH MAI GAWD" attitude and a lot are completely obsessed with race too. Besides I don't find many of them attractive when I compare them with the beauty of French and Italian women!

  • not a eurpoian but i dnt want American girl

  • I much prefer European women, American women maybe to fuck

  • Yeah, probably.


What Girls Said 2

  • I've dated a couple european guys. (:

  • I wouldn't blame them for not wanting to; Americans as a whole have really unattractive habits and attitudes, especially when you look at how we're portrayed in international media. Half of Europeans don't even like the way we talk.

    • Media portrays Americans in a total different way as what they truly are. I love American people, their habits, their attitudes. I liked that of America before I came here, and now that I've been here for more than a year, I love it.
      My father came with me when I first came here, he was just one week but he told me that he was surprised, he didn't expected what he saw. I liked the city (Chicago) and especially the people. He said he was gladly surprised.
      My sister came last summer for like 12 days and she said the same. Both of them agreed that the people are great, they're polite, respectful and very friendly.
      So yeah, people overseas may not have a good image about America due to the media, but they would change their minds if they ever visit America.

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    • Really? Haha, maybe that's why we're treated so well over there eh? I've heard from others in my unit that Americans are treated a bit better than the British when we visit Scotland. @JTC666