Rejection? Or am I being unreasonable?

We were joking about and I said that maybe he should let me thank him sometime. To me that's a pretty clear hint that I was asking him on another date. But he ignored it and just carried on the joking. I asked him out another time and he said he had too much work to do the weekend I asked about. I mean I know as a med student he's got tonnes of work and exams and he's always talking about how he studies 13 hours a day and doesn't have time to do anything else on the weekend. But surely he has time to make plans with me at some point. He does live an hour away so it's hard, but surely if he liked me like he said, he'd find the time? So is he rejecting me or am I being unreasonable?


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  • You asked him out twice? That's more than enough, whether he's telling the truth or not about having the time, you need to understand that he knows you want to go out with him, if he wants it too, he will ask you, sooner or later.

    But you should ask yourself if someone who has no time to hang out with you is the kind of person you want to have a relationship with. From what you said it seems he's not worth the trouble but that's up to you.

    Maybe he's the right one but now is not the right time.

    My advice is that you should stop asking unless you think he didn't get the message, you'll just be a pain in the ass if you keep asking, if he doesn't want to, he's probably not going to want to just because you keep asking. And if he genuinely wants to but realm can't, then the more you ask the worse you make him feel for letting you down, but then again, if this is the case you should realm consider if you have a future together

    • Thanks for the advice! Would you recommend not texting him too? We usually text for a couple of hours a day and he replies instantly - but I don't want to be bugging him/seeming desperate!

    • Sorry I'm a bit rusty, its been a while since the last time I was on GaG but I hope this is how I tell to you.

      I have this naive opinion that if he likes you, you won't be bugging, and If you are he will ask you not to text him for a while. I suggest you let him text you first once in a while, or you will probably seem desperate

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  • He wants to pass his exams, it seems to be his first priority. You can wait when he is done with the exams, BUT of course that's if a lady is willing to wait that long! Thank GOD I didn't do medicine...


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  • As a student I can say that he's probably exhausted right now and school I'd his priority. You can wait out until he has a break but that doesn't guarantee going out either it's ultimately up to you at this point

  • In gonna say that's rejection. Most likely.