Do girls fantasize?

So, when a guy meets a hot girl, it wouldn't take long before he starts to undress her in his mind, fantasize about her sexually, and probably jerk off while thinking about her.

If a guy thinks a female acquaintance or friend is hot, he has probably thought about her while jerking off more than once.

Do girls do the same thing? For example, do they jerk off thinking about their "hot" male friends / acquaintances?

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  • Well we don't have anything to jerk off but we do masturbate. I can say that I have done so thinking about someone I find attractive.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Oh absolutely

  • I don't. I don't really fantasize about nothing to be honest._. but I voted A, though.

  • Well I certainly fantasize about certain scenarios and some of my girlfriends do the same.


What Guys Said 2

  • Not that I'm aware of lol
    Besides , when I look at someone I look at their face and eyes so I can't say I remember their physique much unless they aren't really wearing much of anything.

    Essentially I follow the PINK.

  • Please don't lump me in with your kind. Thanks.

    • WHAT? are you saying you don't like to think about hot female acquaintances while jerking off?

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    • I can confidently say that before I was sexually active, 100% of my masturbation fuel came from p*rn , and since becoming sexually active, 100% of my masturbation fuel is either p*rn , or thinking about things that have already happened. I don't just conjure up an image of naked coworkers.

    • Haha, well I must admit, when I was in school, at least 25% of my jerk offs were thinking about female acquaintances =P they have no idea