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I used to have a HUGE crush on a girl. Like HUGE. Check out my only other question if you're interested in the story. Anyways, I finally got over her after about a year or sixteen months. Now I think she's taking an interest in me. I've been known to have a very good personality, so when I actually get to talk to a girl long enough they often find me funny and a lot of them actually end up crushing on me a bit. This is not me bragging, this is simply me making observations from experience. And I've gotten pretty good at telling when a girl is getting a little interested in me. And I could tell she is getting a little bit interested in me. Slight problem with that. The reason I had to give up on her, she has a boyfriend. Has had one since two years ago. And the funny thing is, now that I go back and think about it, she was a complete bitch to me (excuse my language) back when I had a huge crush on her. When I finally told her how I felt, she was a complete bitch about it. She made a very basic response and said nothing more about it. It was pretty obvious at that point she didn't want anything to do with me. So, now that she's most likely taken an interest in me, and even if she hasn't, she tries to talk to me all the time and always laughs at everything I say whether it was funny or not. Is it wrong of me to tell her to fuck off and leave me alone? Is it wrong of me for wanting absolutely nothing to do with her. I had a run-in with a couple of her friends over the past year. A few dates, a few kisses, etc etc. And I know she knows about them. I didn't do it for revenge, I did it because I had a genuine crush on the girls, they just happened to be her friends. What should I tell her? I really just want nothing to do with her and the fact that she thinks she can just pretend like nothing happened kind of annoys me. Maybe I'm taking this too hard. I'd like responses from Boys AND Girls. What would you guys/girls do?


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  • Just like with anybody else, you have the right to not be interested. No need to be rude about it, but you can politely decline her affections, and it will probably upset her more than if you literally told her to fuck off because it shows you have no hard feelings and no interest.