Should she still give me a chance after how immature I have been?

16 year old male,

I have never been one to get advice from others, but this time I think it would be interesting. To start off, I am very shy, and I lack confidence in dating. Every other aspect of life, i consider myself okay. I have always complained about not having a girlfriend yet when the opportunity arises, I am a total butt towards them. A girl is interested in me right now but I have shoved her off, been a jerk, and ignored the crap out of her for the past month, yet she is still trying. I took the advice from my mother and asked her out on a date to give it a try. She said, "Okay maybe", when I asked. In my opinion, I have been a jerk so bad, I think she should forget about me. My mom pointed this out, and now I realize what I have done, and I am by no means proud of being like this to her. This could be the entrance to a dating life I have always wanted, but should she even consider me after all I have put her through?

It comes down to this, guys I need your opinion on what you would do if you were in my situation, and girls, what would you do if a guy treated you like this and expect to make it up? I am sure she does not understand that I didn't mean to hurt her, so assume you are in that position.

One last thing, Because i have treated her like this, should I even try to make it up to her, or just get out of her life?

Thanks everyone, this is my first Q, so excuse the quality.


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  • I would not go back to this guy if he had no respected me and treat me like crap. Yeah you could give it a try and make it up. Otherwise move on, you're still young and there are people out there who are more suitable for you


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