What is happening in our relationship? Does he just like my butt?

This guy and I are very close. We are practically going out. We can talk for long periods of time about anything and everything, we cuddle, hold hands sometimes, and he likes to smack my butt sometimes (not in a creepy way). We spend a lot of time together, but we haven't taken the next step to actually date. I know he likes me because it is really obvious and he almost kissed me once but we had to go to a meeting and didn't get the chance. That was a couple weeks ago and nothing major has happened since besides us holding hands while cuddling.

We are in college so taking the next step to a relationship is a big deal, but we both know that is where it is headed (everyone around us know it too, they have asked).

What do you think is going on in his head?
What can I do to speed this up?


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  • kiss him next time you see him.

    might sound corny but ask him to be your boyfriend

    • I've tried that. Every time I have a chance to kiss him, I chicken out. I've never had a boyfriend before so this is all new territory for me. (I have been kissed though. I'm not that bad).

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    • Ugh you make it sound so easy

    • yeah... not saying I wouldn't fuck it up somehow if I were in your place.(I probably would) give it a try though

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  • Ha! All guys like a nice hiney. :D You should sit him down and talk to him about it. Communication is very important!

    • What do you suggest I say?

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    • I won't. Thanks for the advice

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  • He is just trying to be playful and flirty. If you don't like it just just tell him.

    • I like it. I just want to actually go out with him and not do this whole flirty friend thing anymore. It's fun but stressful.

    • Just ask "So just wondering what do you see me as? I like as more then a friend."

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