Does this make me a jerk or a bad person for not giving enough appreciation to a woman for her generousity and kindness towards me?

There's this girl who I just met. She happens to have a feeling for me and I think I like her back (I'm not so sure though) When I met her, I honestly did not expect her to be this nice to me. She was really kind to me and I'll admit, I've kinda took her kind-heartedness for granted and it's only because I've had a really negative experience with women in the past from relationships to just simply being a simple friend to them so I'm just not used to soft-hearted women based on my experience.

Hell, I don't even have any female friends either. I also grew up without a mother or very little female family members by the way.

I feel kinda bad for taking a woman like that for granted but at the same time, I hope she understands where I come from as soon as I apologize (because again, I'm just not used to women treating me nicely).

Anything wrong with what I did?


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  • Just tell that and she will forgive you 97% of the time. Better watch for that 3% though

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