Did I mess things up completely now? Please help me... Don't want to lose him?

I started seeing a guy a few months ago and really started to like him. He said he liked me two. We met when him and one of my friends hooked up but they never started anything. Last weekend he sent me a song that he said was for me. I thought it was so sweet and I posted a quote of the song as my whatsapp profile pic. The my friend asked "oh did he send that to you 2?".. She gets very jealous of me and wants to break us up so I immediately thought she was messing with my head. When we spoke later that night I just mentioned it to him and he got really quiet and said bey. We haven't spoken since. What did I do wrong and did I mess this up completely now


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  • He is probably cheating on you with your friend or maybe he is just a player in general. At any rate if I were you I would cut all contact with him.

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