Should I ask him?

I have a crush on a guy in my pe class. He's cute, athletic and nice. But i feel kinda silly having a crush on someone im just aquanted with. I catch his glance a lot and I've spoken to him a few times breifly but thats it. Should i just straight up ask him if he has a girlfriend so i can get over him? Im getting a bit frustrated with my little crush :(


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  • how about ask him to have lunch with you or go on a date.

    • Thank you for the advice. Is there a good way to causally ask?

    • maybe as you are leaving class for the lockerrooms ask him to eat lunch with you today... unless PE is after lunch then ask him to hang out after school/practice if you or he are in sports

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  • 1. Find out if he has a girlfriend, but don't ask directly unless you want him to know you have a crush on him.
    2. If no, start giving hints that you like him. Stare/Glance at him while smiling, and initiate conversations with him.
    3. As long as you keep this up, he should get the hint (I personally didn't and I lost my chance, which was pretty sad.).
    4. If he doesn't get the hint, or he waits too long for you, you can (as i call it) 'yolo' it. This involves either giving extreme hints (giving him compliments often, or touching/hugging. Since you're in PE a real smooth way to do this would be to go for several high-fives, and bump into him.)

    If some of this doesn't make sense or you don't agree with, I still want to help find a way for you to succeed in this situation. I missed my chance because I didn't catch on, and it'd be a shame for you or him to have the same problem.

    • Thank you! You really helped a lot and i'll be sure to follow your advice and tell you how it goes. ^^

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    • Really? Thats great then :) i`ll just have to find a way to make conversation without being too awkward. Thanks for your opinon!

    • No problem, glad to help! :)

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  • You're going to keep wondering, just ask him, the worst he can say is he has a girlfriend. You're young, if he does have a girlfriend there will be a new guy flirting with you in a short amount of time, just don't stress it.

  • You're young! You have A LOT of time to think about boys.

    • Yea but i want to get dating and crushes out of the way in the early stages of highschool so i can focus on my classes completly later. They`ll only get harder from here

    • There's really no way to avoid a crush or finding someone attractive.

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