How far into your last relationship did you say, "I love you"? I long did the relationship last?

I'm curios how far into your last (or present) relationship did you say "I love you". I wonder if it takes longer to say as we get older and if so, why do you think that is? I long did (or has) your "I love you" relationship last?


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  • I'm currently to figure out whether to say I love you - I know I do, have done for a while, but don't want to push it! Can imagine it going down the same way as Prettygurl12. Likewise, it's just over 6 months, but I almost blurted it out about 3 months into knowing her.

    We're long-distance, but holding back on my feelings in case I scared her away before ended up with her sleeping with another guy at her first experience of drinking alcohol. That actually hurt me more than I expected, really disappointed me and it still angers me sometimes now. Almost cut myself off from her then and there but something told me to let it slide. Second time she "partied" she touched up some other lads, but recalls none of it and all-but broke down to me about it.

    Told her after that that it was going to be three strikes and she's out; the second incident doesn't bother me but the first one still does for some reason. I've waited 22 years for the right girl, and I'm pretty sure I've now found her; I'll get over the first occasion in time.

    If I let her know I love her soon, I'll get back to you on how she responds. :)

    I don't think it takes longer to feel it as you get older, but saying it? For the sake of trying to be cautious with more serious relationships, probably it does take a little longer to say it, yes, I think.

    • Thanks very much for your response. For my own experience, I agree that it hasn't taken longer to feel in love as I have grown older but do feel cautious about saying it. I wonder if saying is really that big of a deal though of its simply factual and has no expectation attached to it. Is it possible to not attach expectation to a statement like, "I love you"? In the purest sense, I think so.

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    • I was thinking about this post last night and ended up going for it. We were talking pretty lovingly and I ended up just saying something like "you know a while back when I mentioned that I thought I felt some love for you... being honest, I genuinely do. Don't say it back if you aren't ready, but I want you to know how I feel."

      The tone of voice afterwards gave the aura of "I've just absolutely melted" haha. Said she has difficulty saying it and wants it to be really special, and I told her I wanted to wait til I see her in person before I properly, properly say it to her. Looking good... I hope. :)

    • That's terrific! It does make one wonder why we attribute so much to the act of saying it. Is it not a fact? Do we attribute saying it to a pivotal - make or break relationship decison? Yet, some wait - ma arbitrary length of time, for the "right circumstances" or other equally correlatable events. I'm happy to hear your experience has been positive!

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  • My boyfriend told me he loved me 6 months into the relationship. I told him I loved him a year into the relationship.

    Our relationship is just over 3 years old. Pretty sure it's going to be one of those forever, till death do us part type deals.

    • If it's not prying too much, how did you feel when he said he loved you six months in?

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    • Ouch! Well, it's way better to know yourself and it means more when you say it. Glad it is working out and thanks for sharing. It is - or can be - an awkward thing, I think.

    • I was so surprised when he said it lol

  • The relationship lasted 2 years and 4 months. He first said I love you 4 months into the relationship.

    • Did you feel it was appropriate to say at the time? ... and I noticed you didn't say "we". Was that intentional?

  • I don't remember. My last relationship was over 4 years ago...

    • Sometimes good things - really food things take time. My observation about relationships, and this is one of the greatest things I think, is that the very best ones occur without regard to wealth, prestige, physical beauty, age or other transitory things. It took getting around halfway (okay hard to know for sure) through my life, and one very long horrible relationship, to find someone that could be one of those greats for me. Wha do you think? Take it from an old guy, don't get discouraged - you'll be pleasantly amazed at what life has in store for you.

    • oh haha not discouraged. Just saying I can't remember when I said I love you to my ex. I have hope of finding the right guy for me.

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