How do I tell if a girl likes me?

A girl i have known for half my life has been mean but now she texts me more often and jokes and laughs with me but i just don't want to ask directly. What are signs that this girl likes me?


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  • If she is timid, yes she likes you according to your situation.
    On the contrary, she is outgoing, you are 50%friendzoned.
    My personality is timid. If i like a guy, i would mad at him easily. I would always look at him. I won't be the first move and ask him out. If he asks me out or text me, i would go out and reply him in a hurry. I would tell my friends. I would pretend to ask him something, such as himework in order to chat with him.
    Trust me, if a person like you, you could feel it. Listen to their words, look at their eyes, look at their body languages (it could tell ones secret).


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