Texting etiquette: How often is too often?

In the interest of NOT appearing clingy, but not so infrequent as to appear disinterested. Is once a day too much? Once in two days? Usually turns into a prolonged back-and-forth exchange when she responds, but I'd rather not leave a heap of unread messages when she doesn't/can't.

Facebook Messenger, I should say, not texting-texting.


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  • There's really no set time limit, if you're always the one initiating, they're probably not interested. Generally, if they're always abruptly ending the convo, you message them too much.

    • They aren't abruptly ending conversations when there's time for one. Very busy school schedule.

      What this boils down to is, is I'm not sure if she's lost interest or just busy. I'm hesitant to stop initiating conversation in case she thinks *I* lost interest (we're long distance). If after half a year she's lost interest, should she tell you, or should you ask?

    • I think it would be okay for you to bring it up as casually as possible.

  • If the person you texted doesn't respond
    Maybe one more
    After that
    No more

    • Wow, that's stricter than I'd have thought. We've dated for half a year now. One missed convo is grounds to cut all ties?

    • OK well I didn't know that

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