Can people be in denial about being in love with someone?

For example been dating someone for months and because of past experiences its hard for you to open your heart and love cause you're being cautious. Sort pf like being in denial of loving someone?


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  • Yes. It's a rational fear of commitment, due to the past experiences. We're raised to trust the people who say they love us, parents and family, are the prime examples. When we find the person we think is our soul mate, and we exchange I love you's, only to have our hearts broken later by that person, the pain of having your trust, which you willingly gave to your supposed soul mate, destroyed, is enough to leave us non-trusting of the next person who claims to love us.

    In short, it's a defense mechanism we create for ourselves to protect ourselves from being hurt. Dying from heartbreak is a real thing, whether you're just in so much pain your heart literally just stops working, or your pain leads you to things like suicide, and in order to prevent this and ensure our own survival, we put up barriers after the initial heartbreak, to make sure that the next person we let through is the real deal, before we trust them completely.

  • Absofuckinglutely. I didn't lie to myself about loving my husband, but before we were ever even dating I lied to myself and everyone else about liking him because I was scared of ever losing him, but eventually I admitted my feelings and I've been happily with hi ever since.