Does He Respect/Like Me, or Was I Just a "Fling" to Him? :( GUYS I need opinions!!

this guy I met at my university, asked me to hang out after we had dinner together at the social dinner. our moms met and exchanged numbers so they could keep in contact with each other over the course of the year (because I was coming from far away, and they were close) .

that night he brings me in his truck to get beer. and on the way to the store we really were chatting up a storm and we really connected and had a bunch in common.

then we go back to his room, we only had one beer each so we weren't drunk and stupid or anything. we start to watch a movie and he begins to cuddle me close. then I turn my head and we sorta both initiate the kiss. he was really passionate and stuff... he blew me away! he didn't force sex on me either (so I'm wondering if he likes me.. and is not treating me like a hook up) and we ended up just having oral sex.

but now when I see him.. he seems shy/ in a hurry and he doesn't text me anymore... so I don't know what's going on? does he like me or was I just a fling?


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  • Sorry to say it, but it looked like he just needed a quick fix. If I were you I'd just move on.


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