Should I give this one last shot? Asking friend out?

I promised myself I wouldn't result to asking these sort of questions again, but:

About five months ago, I asked my friend if she and I might ever be more than just friends. She said: "I see that there's a connection, but I just see you as a friend." I wasn't too surprised. If anything I was relieved because at least I had an answer. I thought I could get over her and move on. Unfortunately not.

We're still friends. We hang out occasionally and whenever we do it is so much fun. It's like how the song goes, "I love the way I feel when I'm with you." This one day we spent it in entirety together. From getting a boba, to looking at pipes, butchering foreign languages in a bookstore, watching Netflix, breaking in my new pipe. At the end of the night, we were both on her bed trying to wiggle our ears. Her hair was in the way so she adjusted it, but it was still hard to see. We then got quiet. I thought about being romantic and gently adjusting it for her, but I chickened out. I'm confident that I might have been able to shift gears in that moment, but no.

Another night we hung out on her trampoline under a clear star-studded sky, the full moon gently illuminating our surroundings. We heard and saw an owl take flight, it's form silhouetted against the moon. It was beautiful. She kept mentioning that her pants were tight and she was stretching. Maybe that could have been something, I don't know.

At work our conversations have gotten more comfortable. Sometimes we get ice cream afterwards and talk shit about everybody/everything. She bites her lip and I know she catches me glancing, it's so cute. Sometimes we just stay until they close and we continue our talk outside. She told me that she dreams about studying in France and I told her that she would fit in. I talk about my feelings with her which is something I heard you shouldn't do too much with a girl because they see it as being clingy, but I just feel so comfortable with her.

My birthday was on Valintine's day. She hung out with my brother (my cousin was supposed to come, but got sick and couldn't) and I (so I would suspect she felt a bit weird it just being the three of us---I've been meaning to ask her about that, but maybe I shouldn't, I don't know). We played pool and went to Dennys.

She looked so pretty that night. She gave me a shirt and I gave her a couple of suculents---not roses, I didn't want to come off as... expecting something.
While at the pool hall, my brother left us to buy me a drink. She again told me her pants were tight and wriggled to adjust them. Again, I don't know if that meant anything.

At Denny's, while my brother was paying, she and I huddled at the claw machine. It was at that moment that we got close and I just could feel this tension between us. I really wanted to hold her hand at least, but no. I chickened out. Same as usual.

So my question is: does all this sound like it could warrant...


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