Girls would like to be with these kind of guys?

Actually I've never been kissed before & im totally virgin & i really came from a culture the most of the males act like this... i will speak about one of my principles on this topic : cuz I really wanna be so loyal to the girl that I love & make her feeling safe with me & ofcourse having that uhmm.. The best kind of trust between us ... would like to date a guy like me?


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  • Yeah, ofc I'm sure there are plenty of girls like this.
    Loyalty and trust are great features, but you also need to work on keeping your relationship interesting.

    • Ofcourse :) ... thanks for showing with this answer... actually I thought that no one would answer me cuz I think people doesn't like guys like me :'(

    • Well I like these kind of boys, but haven't really come around many of them, so I have gave up in that sense.

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