How do I meet women/girls/ladies and how do I ask them out?

Hey My name is irrelevant but... I'm an introvert who likes to create art, play video-games and read books/graphic novels.
I have like no female friends and the ones i have i'm not into. Also i have anxiety and i have asked out girls before but they have nicely declined my offer. So i need some help i really want someone to spend my time with and to go out on dates with. (it gets boring going to the cinema alone) So Ladies of this site please help me with some good tip's. P. S. I'm in good shape and look decent and have a casual style so my appearance is not a problem.


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  • You have to have a purpose around women. Some guys just beat around the bush and don't actually tell them what they want. Also another mistake guys make is the lack of confidence they show in there presentation making it difficult to close the deal. Here's a few tips:
    1. smell good (your breath should smell like mint and you should smell like Cologne)(not to much)
    2. present yourself as a man (be real with her so she could do the same)
    3. ask her if she wants to chill (guys they want a gf but it takes time to know them)
    4. make sure you give her your phone number (that way you'll know she's interested)

    • Well my hygiene is in top i brush me teeth and i use a neutral yet good smelling deodorant. (what is cologne?) So i think it's my confidence that's not that great. Many thanks fellow brethren. :D

    • Cologne is like perfume but for guys

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