Guys and texting... can I get a guys opinion here?

So there is this guy, we have been friends a long time and have quite the history together. He send a lot of mixed signals and it doesn't help that we have only been talking through text since we live 4.5 hours apart now. He will be really chatty for a day, 2 days and then it dies down he stops responding and so forth and then if I so much as just say hey he doesn't answer... yet if I don't bother with him for a 2 or more days he messeges me and it's become a pattern... when I've asked him why he does that he says that he needs space and even when he dates someone he doesn't talk to them that much and that texting someone everyday just pushes them away, can I get a guys take on this?


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  • he has poor social skills simply speaking and mild anxiety he doesn't know what to do with you so he talks until he doesn't want to and then recontacts you basically out of anxiety if u dont talk to him common and normal

    • So does that mean he is still into me then if he gets anxiety or he's unsure of how he feels now or he just a Leno's the attention from girls? Lol

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    • Yeah, just leave him alone for your sake. That's the only advice I can give you.

    • But how do you find him though to be manipulative and such

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  • I'm in a similar situation. Not sure if she's losing interest or just really busy with med school. When we talk, we'll talk until one of us is forced to go, but sometimes she doesn't check in for days. I don't want to be leaving messages piled up, but I don't want to go too far in the other direction and leave her thinking *I* lost interest.

  • If I were in that situation I would want to text or talk every day... to a point. But not nearly as much as the average girls wants to. That just drives me batty.

    • I dont text that much even sometimes I just say "hey" once and leave it at that and he won't reply until I don't even text him one word for a few days

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    • Hard to say without knowing him.

    • He asked me to marry him 3 times.. I said no.. he got mad and we stopped talking for a year and now he's being this way

  • for me texting and calling is like a hell. I don't like it, I don't know how much to use it, should I call and so on. I prefer face to face.

    • Ya but... when you live 4.5 hours away though. . .

  • I have a girl who's a friend and she texts and texts and texts and texts…and texts a little more until the sun goes down. Sometimes I will do the same thing as this guy you're talking about

    Maybe just tone it down a little. That's my advice :)

    • This is a guy who once asked me to marry him though and was in love with me for years:/ and he talks about meeting up and wants to tell me his feelings face to face and such.. It just confuses me

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    • He doesn't even say that lol he just... stops

    • lol yeah. That's what I do :) I just stop. I don't literally say I'm busy

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