Bad dreams have a meaning?

I had a horrible dream last night that my boyfriend decided to leave me and told me he found someone better. The dream felt so real and he even showed me what she looked like.. It was so awful that i woke up crying. I always had thoughts that he might since i have trust issues but the dream made it even worse. Do dreams normally come true? Could it be a sign that it will eventually happen?


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  • Don't worry its just what you were thinking about something for a long time. so that it was in ur mind, and its proven by science that most bad dreams are things that u've been thinking about for a long time sometimes even when u don't know ur thinking about it, so they show up in ur dreams. Dreams aren't real they're only images made in ur head while ur asleep, but talk to ur boyfriend about it.

  • No offense to you, but dreams like that Mean your insecure, I knew a woman who had dreams just like that she was insecure about her husband finding someone better then her and leaving her.