Is this girl using me or is she into me?

I have this girl in my class , she loves to hang around me , she's always happy when I'm around , asks me to sit with her , we text each other and can talk about anything.

I have been noticing she and I are together in everything from academics to any other activity which is amazing but I kinda realized she does zero work when we are together. Like she asks me to send my assignments to her , even our project that we worked on she did nothing at all being a group together but she got credit too basically because we are team right. She ran out of cash so lent her some cash which then she jokingly says she will return when she gets cash whenever that topic comes up during conversation.

Today evening we got a work due tomorrow so she texts me hey you doing that right? I was like I haven't done yet so she's like send me when you're done. I resented so she's like acting all upset then I settle saying hmm fine I'll send you.

She's all cute and caring , that day when we were in class she's sitting next to me and texts me a kiss emoji and says hey! look some girl texted you lol. In other classes she and I joked around laughing having a great time. She wants to know everything that I do , last time when she went out of town she texted me saying "Hey i'm going outta town see ya!" and then once I didn't go to class she's like "I missed you a lotttt today". Sometimes she asks me how she looks like "hey is my lipstick fine?" , "hows my hair today?"

Now its kinda known when a girl likes you she relies on you for even her pettiest problems , but I am wondering is the same in my situation because when I think of it I feel I am being used by a girl and this is going nowhere. What do you guys think?


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  • You're being used as guy friend.


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  • looks like a friendzone for me...

    • When say you like some guy and wanna hangout with him in everything you do you share of work right? Instead of dumping everything on him and reaping the benefits of it? Or is this all bound by so called "Friendship" which I highly doubt because this girl I'm talking about has a bestie girlfriend in class they have fun together do everything together except academics her bestie never shares her work with this girl who I was describing about. What do you think?

    • this girl looks like a bitch (pardon me) coz she's just using you for her benefit.
      she doesn't care at all, just take advantages of your kindness
      don't be that guy

  • She doesn't even care about you as a friend. She's using you, make it stop.


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  • Dude you're being used. She's a hoe that's found a smart guy to manipulate to do her work for her. Wise up, put on your big boy pants and tell her you're not hanging out with a parasite like her any more.

    • Thats what I thought too. Man how do you make this girl politely stop because whats going on my mind is simply to stop talking or hanging out at all which is definitely not a good thing to do. How would you suggest I manage this and still be friends with this girl?

    • The hell with being polite. You don't want to be friends with a person like her, these kinds of people don't change. Tell her to get lost and find some friends based on mutal support.