Flirt, ignore and flirting again?

Ok! So I know I am not ready for a relationship; I have been single for more than three years but I few months ago I really got over that relationship but I would like to date, meet people, I guess I'm ready for the dating game.

Few months ago I was attracted to this (older) guy, he seems to be nice but I guess he was also looking what he could/can catch. We work in the same building, we barely see each other but when I was using Tinder (not anymore) we were matched.

He asked for my phone number and we started to text each other, at the beginning I was cool but then he just texted me too late and was not hard to tell that it was just a booty call so I ignored him. We stopped talking.

Then he started to text to a coworker (my department), and I think that he might have some kind of special relationship with another girl that lives overseas but is not his girlfriend.

After I realized I might like to pursue something with someone I feel attracted, for some reason he is showing up now. I mean, we didn't spoke for months and even ignored each other but we started to flirt I guess.

Do you think this is a good idea or not?

By the way, so sorry, typos typos typos!


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  • Bad idea. Sounds like this dude is running around trying to get his hand into whatever cookie jar he can. Between him being on Tinder, talking to another girl at the office, and some other chick over seas? Yeah, he's just one big red flag. Move past him, girl.


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  • I would say no. Be careful he's leading you into satisfying his own empty needs. he's basically the typical player who samples everything in the buffet area. If i were you id ignore him and keep my distance from as well. You would just end up hurt and used.


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