Where do you go to meet good men?

My single friends and I would go to the bar and try to meet good men. I'm not saying there are no good men at local bars. I just want to try other places. I'm 33 and ready to meet the right guy for me and possibly settle down. Any advice. by the way, I'm new to this website. Thanks in advance.


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  • I like the lounge in a regular restaurant at lunch time... there are plenty of guys who are smart and funny and who have career's who will eat at the same places over lunch. So if you make yourself a regular you'll start to recognize familiar faces. Then you can just make friendly conversation with the table next time you see them. Maybe get their opinion on something? Like, "Hey, my single friend was using Tinder for the first time and discovered her married friend's husband on there... from a guy's point of view should she tell her friend, or leave it alone?"

    Online dating is an easy choice, if you're okay with being picky and taking your time. I loved it when I was single, although I never found love that way. But dating takes practice... not every date needs to lead to marriage. Sometimes it's just good for stories to tell friends. And for sex of course.

    Of course there's clothes shopping... When I was single I met a few great single women this way. I would shop for either my "sister" in a woman's clothing store which made me ask other women for advice and conversation. Or I would ask women for advice while shopping for my own clothes. I would start with something simple like, "Excuse me... I need a woman's opinion on these shoes.. wait, are you single or married? Because single women seem to have a better sense for these things." I would say this in a playful manner. Perhaps there's some version that would help you open guys?


    Also online meet up groups? Like meetup. com? Great way to make new friends and meet single people.

    Being social is your greatest asset. Being comfortable talking to strangers you meet is key... it makes you seem confident and social.

    Like a book store... same thing as shopping. Ask the handsome guy for book advice and you're in!

    And if he's married he might have a single friend?

    Good luck!

    ~ Robby

    • Thanks Robby. I will try that lunch thing. I'm finally ready to start dating again. A little nervous but I guess I wouldn't be human if I wasn't.

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  • There's the obvious church or gym. Plenty of dating websites, many that cater to specific interests. Also various groups including; running, crafts, martial arts all have a social element to them and the opportunity to meet men.

  • As a fellow military member please dont go up to uniform men and charm them with looks for their benefits. Us guys really are looking for relationships but we dont want to be in one where were being used.

    If you really are serious about a relationship than i wish you the best of luck and try looking anywhere other than a bar. you wouldn't want to run into a jerk.

    • Thanks. Actually I have many guy friends who are in the military and I'm not looking to "use" anyone. I have my own money. Just looking for a good guy is all.

  • www.meetup.com

    Find something you are interested in.

  • In a church, mosque, school, etc.

  • Male strip club? Chipoendales?

  • "They're in the friendzone, where you left them."

    Bwah ha ha ha! Bwah.

    Honestly, I'd give you some good advice if I had any. I'm pretty much in your same situation.


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