Who should I give a chance?

My bestfriend Josh has been in love with me for 1 1/2 yr now. I have two problems here with this though... 1. He dated my girl bestfriend, thats a major girl code rule, they say they don't like each other and never did but you know how girls are when it comes to ex boyfriends. He knows me very well, and has potential to be my bf. 2. This other guy likes me and flirts, and stares all the time. I use to have the biggest crush on him but when he got a gf I had to get over him. The tables have turned and now he's the one that likes me. I'm starting to like him back again. But I've heard things about him that I don't want In a boyfriend, like he is very controlling with his girlfriends.
Who should I give a chance? Help

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  • Well sounds complicated.
    Uhm I always tend to look if there is a connection between me and a girl.
    So with who of the two do you have the best connection, and have feelings for. (warm fuzzy feeligns)

    Listen to your feelings and with whome you have the best connection, A or B.


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  • Definitely go with A- plus everyone says you want to be with/dating/ married to your best friend. Sorry though, I accidentally clicked B- meant to click A

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