Should I get a birthday gift for new boyfriend.. if so what?

My boyfriend and I have been officially dating for a month (meaning we agreed to be monogamous). He just bought a new house & I got a small $25 housewarming gift. He also got me a Valentine's day gift & took me to dinner. His birthday is March 2nd... I don't know if I should get him a gift or not and what to get him. My gut says yes bc we already set a gifting precedent but I don't want to seem like I'm trying to buy his affection. Thoughts?

Hello guys! Can I get some suggestions?
Cologne, wallet, shoes, watch? Help me out here!


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  • Maybe take him out for dinner if you're not sure what to buy him.


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  • If you want to get him a gift go for it! There's other things you can do, like set up something for just you two. You're not trying to buy his affection, its simply what couples do, and the thoughtfulness.

  • Maybe a photo album of pictures you have probably taken together or a customized wallet with his name, last name, or both. Be creative about the gift (:

    • The photo album thing seems a little clingy-girlfriendish to me.. I'd be little freaked out if a guy I've only been with a couple months put together something like that for my birthday... besides, at this point how many photos can they possibly have together?

      I've been with my BF for a month and a half and the only existing picture of the two of us is one that a friend of my snapped while we were dancing at a local east coast bar haha

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