How often do guys regret letting go of a girl?

Not being dumped, but letting go of her themselves? And do they ever regret and come back? In other words is it true about the whole "Don't know what you had till its gone"? I know my exes have comes back, most I have not entertained since I believe time/feelings had passed. But I have one or maybe even two exes whom I would definitely give a chance to if we were to cross paths again. Not that I'm interested but after hearing of so many couples getting back together, i have started questioning my ideas about being exes and deciding so definitively that its over.


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  • Yes what you said is true "you don't miss a good thing until it's gone" and I have felt that way many times.

    • Did you ever go back?

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    • That sucks! Well this one ex sends me messages every so often. I think he realises what he lost, but to be fair he wasn't in the right frame of mind at that point. He said I came into his life so inconveniently, he had just broken up with a girl and moved to my city. His aim was to work hard and mess around with various girls but he fell for me, he took it out on me a lot and I think thats something he feels like he never took the chance to apologise for. I am not ready to hear an apology anymore, I forgave him anyway. My recent guy, he didn't want to commit... so I thought well I can't keep hoping since he probably never will commit and might find someone and fall in love. So i left to take care of myself. He had a hard time letting go (as a friend he says), something I don't understand. So I wonder if time apart will make him realise what a mess he made

    • Your recent bf doesn't want you to reply so do not talk to the ex.

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