Why does this girl treat me like this if we're "just friends" ?

So this girl is my best friend and when i asked her out when we first met she told me, "your too young for me, lets just be friends". She's 4 years older and right now i'm 26 and she's 30 but the age never mattered to me, and clearly doesn't to her because she calls/texts me all the time to hang out or just to talk.

The thing is, we have a very very close relationship, where she has me sleep over and take care of her when she's sick. Or when her parents go away, she has me sleep over just to stay with her. If we don't see each other, she'll call me that day at night just to talk on the phone. And sometimes she goes on dates, but will call me afterwards on her way home.

A few weeks ago she invited me to dinner & i already made plans with another girl, but it wasn't a date. She thought i was going on a date. I told her I would call her after, but i get a text from her at dinner asking, "do you want to come over? are you almost done?" I NEVER would do this to her when I would know she was on a date! It just seemed like she was checking in on me.

Also, one night i met her in NYC to go to a play and after she told me to call her when i got home. I forgot and the next day i woke up to 15 missed calls to see where i was and if i was home safe.

I've never had a female friend where she would make me sleep over, or go on vacations with just the 2 of us. I've tried ignoring her to try to get over her because I have feelings, and she would freak out and constantly call me. She even showed up at my house to see where i was. And that was after 3 days!

I've been distancing myself from her and it's been 9 days since last seeing her. She's been texting me and made me promise that i would come over tonight. But i don't want to go. I lied and said i was going away this weekend, and she kept asking "who are you going with? where? how long?"

At times it just feels like we're a little too close for "just friends" and it's confusing.


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  • I have a guy friend and we are pretty close and talk to each other every day, but I don't act like the woman that you just described. I would say that she has feelings for you, she sure is acting like a girlfriend. You should talk to her and ask her if she has feelings or not. In opinion she has feelings for you.


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