Girls what do you find romantic?

I've been dating the incredibly gorgeous girl for a few months now almost a year and everytime my heart races! So needless to say she's had terrible luck with men only wanting sex from her or to mistreat her! And because of it she says she doesn't deserve me so I'm looking for some ideas to show her a romantic night and prove to her that know matter what her past was i gave her my heart because i love her and want her to have it.


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  • Don't go out to a restaurant, instead, go to a park to watch the sunset together, or something of the sort.

  • Drive to the beach with a picnic basket of some of her favorite foods (weather permitting).

    Is there anything she's said she wanted to do she's never done before?

    Something adventurous.. maybe zip lining, indoor skydiving, rock climbing, roller/ice skating


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