How can I motivate myself to get over my shyness?

I always feels shy and I don't always know what to do? Any good advice would be cool


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  • well to be honest click on the tab that says chat. talk to new people. ask how they are doing. spark up conversations. its always easier over the internet and good practice. you can also discover ways to start discussions. I know this because I myself use to be super shy and this is what I did to get over it. in result girls started taking an interest in me, I got invited to hang out in groups, all that stuff. good luck and I hope this helps. I know how it feels! the first step is searching for help =]


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  • I used to have social anxiety and there's this site by this guy who used to be really shy. It's just all free articles by him, and it REALLY helped me.

    • You mean it is possible to get over that? What kind of things did you do?

    • Well, there are internal things you have to do. Like recognize the discouraging thoughts you have and realize they're just thoughts. Then you have to work on changing them a bit and just put yourself out there in baby steps. I used to never go out or try to talk to people, but I just made myself little by little and it really helped. I'm pretty outgoing now.

    • I feel like I can relate to how you feel.

  • If you aren't a self starter I would say to have some one push you... preferably some one you look up to. If you have any one who can walk with you on your journey, it always helps.

  • well what I actually do (i'm also kinda shy) you can just make small talk with people at grocery stores or when you walk by someone comment about how you love their outfit, even if you don't, it'll get you to break of a little piece of you shyness shell...hope this helps


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  • Follow the 3-second rule. Upon the first 3 seconds of seeing the girl, approach her and talk to her. The longer you stand there the longer you have to try to Psyche yourself out. There is somewhere else. I strongly suggest you look up the Mystery Method. It's about a guy that was totally social illiterate. He didn't come out of his shell until his mid 20's that's when he decided enough was enough. he studied up on social psychologies and is looked upon as a leading dating expert for men. He talks mostly about how a guy needs to raise his DHV - Demonstration of Higher Value. It's like confidence boosting. You do so by not putting yourself down. I fully recommend you check it out.

  • i gotta get to work here in about 8 minutes quick thoughts hopefully they help

    im shy an only child I didn't grow up around kids and I actually prefer talking to adults because I like speaking on a higher level...

    what you can do

    dont think bad about yourself

    get a style that suits you the best (makes you look and feel more attractive)


    btw, impo (in my personal opinion) I think many girls (not all) might actually prefer the shy guy over the loud abrasive guy shows her that you truly want to talk to her and only her...and that says that even if you were outgoing etc...that you really only care about her...and I believe that's one of the things women want...if not the most...haha

    hope this helps

    gotta jet

    hope this helped