I am only attracted to white girls, but I live in Asia. What should I do?

I am frustated because no white girl around. Am I supposed to hold it until the day I move to a western country?


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  • I don't know where you live but I'm a white girl in Asia and I have "white" girl friends. You have to go to clubs mostly that's where most of the "white" girls hang out. And use the app Badoo some of my friends use it and find "white" guys nearby. I don't know how old you are but I go to an international high school so that's where a lot of people are and also exchange students at universities. I mean you just have to go out, try to find events around you, Facebook groups for expats in your city.

    • Which country? I used to prefer OkCupid over Badoo

    • China. I don't know OkCupid... but a lot of my friends are on Badoo because it's more famous I guess

    • Where are you anyways? because I know that in India and Singapore it's not that hard to find "white" girls

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  • I think if your only attracted to white girls and there's no white girls in Asia your best bet would be to move or even visit for a little while a western country like the UK or USA or Australia where white girls are everywhere and you can pretty much take your pick but other than that you could go online and meet white girls online?

    • Yeah I've been searching online. In okcupid only 1 account founded lol

  • Oh lol good luck with that

  • Bahaha typical


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  • Try going online... there gotta be some white girls living in Asia for their job or in the military looking for someone. You might get lucky. Try okcupid. com or plentyoffish. com, they're free and then try match. com which is a paid dating site. Put that your seeking a white girl in the search criteria.

  • Geez you're pathetic and completely brainwashed by the Western media, entertainment, Hollywood, and the whole white washed Internet. You're a lost cause.

    • Relax

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    • Oh my. The anonymous keyboard warrior taking shots at me. What should I do? Hide under my bed? Lol go away kid. If you wanna talk shit, at least have the balls to get off anonymous. And if I was on this site the whole time, I'd have master or guru next to my name so think of something better to come up with besides that. You're just butthurt again cause I was able to counterattack right after you posted since I happened to be online at the same time. But hey, whatever you say has no credibility since you're an anonymous.

    • Oh and unlike you, I'm not desperate for white girls lmao. You sound like every other loser foreigner out there who drools at every white girl they see..

  • What do you think is so great about white girls?

  • Try going to a western country? Nothing else is going to work, mate.

    • But it's not that easy to move for a western country.

    • You literally have no other way unless you can find a white girl living around where you live - even then there are a lot more things to a relationship than race or color - unless you are just looking for a quick fling to curb your desires. Maybe you will find a prostitute if that is the case.

      A long distant relationship with a girl whom you've never met and is a continent away is a recipe for disaster.

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