How do I get them to stop?

My boyfriend and I have been getting along really well lately but out friends that we hang out with are always wanting us to hold hands and be next to each other ALL the time. It's gotten really annoying and they don't seem to get that when I tell them. They'll just stop for a little while and then start dropping hints again. How do I get them to stop?


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  • They probably don't mean anything by it, but if they're annoying you , they won't know unless you tell them. When they try it again, ask them to stop and if they don't or ask why, tell them that it's bothering you. Communication is everything.


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  • You have to tell your friends that it is ruining your relationship because they continue to annoy you both. If they can't take it, both of you should just ignore them completely and after a while they should get the message and will stop and take it seriously.

    Good luck!