How do you tell him what you want in bed?

Just.. you get it. Girls how would you ask and guys how would you react?


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  • I just tell him straight up and I expect him to do the same thing. Sure, it's awkward at first, but you have to force yourselves to be comfortable at first before it becomes second nature to tell him what you want in bed.
    Or, you could just take it into your own hands and do what you want to him to show him the ropes before he takes over


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yea,
    Just tell him. When we are horny we will do most anything.
    So if you are naked and playing, if you say. " kiss me there, of move this way. Or exc.. " we are very cool with that..

  • Ask and ye shall receive :)


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys appreciate straightforwardness - just straight up tell him what you want / ask him for what you want.

    My BF bugs me that I don't tell him what I want enough - says he just really wants to make me happy, but needs me to tell him how to do so (even though he's doing a wonderful job already haha)

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