So I made contact with this girl online but now her gf is jealous I didn't do same I think?

so I recently meet these girls at a bar I go to on Saturday , its a country bar and a lot of girls go there and a lot of younger women go there. I look younger than my age so there fairly open to meeting me. I meet these 2 girls who are friends a few weeks back and we've talked there a couple times but we don't really know each other yet. I sort of got the feeling they were both attracted to me , however one went to school close to where I live and other in a city far away.

so I decided to add the one who was closest to Twitter the other day as I found her profile , she made a big fuss when I added her and re-tweeted my message and the other girl I meet favored it as well. but I haven't said anything to the other girl yet and I get the feeling she is jealous already. I saw a new tweet from today " if someone wants to be part of your life they will make an effort to do so "

anyways should I add the other girl or hold off till I see her in person again? or just focus on one who is close by


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  • Now it would look like a response to bad behavior. Don't try to fix something that wasn't wrong.


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