Do guys really leave girls who they think will eventually break up with them because they think they can do better?

Do guys actually not want to date a girl they think they could lose or that is intimidating/unattainable?

I have depression so I've never really thought that highly of myself, but since I've been getting better and more confident, I've gotten back to my old self and have gotten a lot of attention. But because of my depression I just have such a hard time believing people and their compliments. My best guy friend tells me that I could be intimidating to some, but i really want to change that.


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  • If a guy knew she was out his leagues when he first meet her, he is not going push pass friends with benefits cause he know Tom, dick and Harry is after her too.
    So! So in your case before dating a guy open up to him. I know it's hard but that's why stress to girls DONT DATE HIM IF YOU haven't PASS THE HANGOUT MARK. Hang out is get know personality, his adventurous side, his trust and everything you need to know about him in terms of what like him. This can accomplished by hanging out! Dating is when start to get to the romantic, sexy, vibe going where as your getting serious pass friends with Ben.


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