LDR, dinner and a movie?

So the guy I've been dating lives far away. Him in WI and me in CT. I've flown to WITH about 4-5 time already and we spend a week together each time.

So he's a "broke college student" and when we planned on me visiting this time he was all excited, planning all this stuff for us to do. Dinners, going to see 50shades of grey, etc... And he knew how badly I wanted to see that movie.

Now I've been here for about 4 days already, keep in mind I've already spent $300 on my plane ticket here. He bought me tacobell the first night, and I've bought my dinner every night so far, including his one night as well. I don't have money either!

Tonight thinking maybe he could keep up his word on dinner and a movie, I asked can we go see 50SoG tonight, and his answer was "I don't have any money." ...

I'm here for another 5 days... How do we eat?

I'm not saying him being broke is a problem, he doesn't have to pay for everything, but umm... I already spent 300 getting here, now you expect me to pay for everything else? Where's the equality?

Am I wrong for being kind of annoyed by this? Don't invite me to come see you if you can't afford me being here for a few days. Cause I can't either.

  • I should suck it up and pay.
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  • Confront him about it.
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  • Break up.
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  • Tell him that I'm gonna only pay for me and he needs to find out how to pay for himself.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like an ass? I suggest telling how you feel. You spent money to get there, and he's not spending any? You're right, no equality.


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, I would tell him what you said about spending all the cash to get there, but tell him in a nice manner. I would say that dinner and a movie wouldn't hurt and that you feel like the economic portion of your relationship is one-sided

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