Catfish or nah?

OK so I was talking to this girl online had my suspicions so I tried a google image search nothing came up and I tried tineye reverse image search nothing came up could she be real and I'm just super paranoid based off getting catfished in the past


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  • You can never know until you meet or Skype..

    • I searched her image on google and tineye nothing came back

    • Yeah I know, but the only way you can know if she is a catfish or not is if you meet her or Skype her. A picture isn't going to do much

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  • Tell her to send you a short video of her holding a paper with her name written in it.

  • How are we supposed to know that? Ask her to Skype or something.

    • She says she's really shy just like me I asked her to prove it to me she was real otherwise I'm gonna delete my profile she said eventually we would talk on the phone

  • Most of my pics can't be traced because people are creepy and will try to find you other places online sometimes with creep or malicious tendencies so maybe she isn't a catfish

    • Yeah I'm just super paranoid cause I have ran into so many cat fishes before

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    • How did that happen?

    • Also.
      Google linking will almost bring creepers to your doorstep.
      Our worst experiences was from a 32 YO woman stalker.
      that hated my mom
      It took us two years to find out who she really was
      Now, none of our accounts are linked.
      I just try to be open, but cautious.
      Never really had a single problem on here.
      blocked a very few guys, and girls too.
      Don't link Any of your accounts
      Bad idea

  • Well some people just don't have they're pictures out where you could find them, doesn't mean she's not one but for example you couldn't Google search or anything like that with anyone in my family, you wouldn't find anything

    • I tried google image tineye nothing cane back

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    • Well if it dosent I told her I'm deleting my profile and saying f the site I'm tired of going through that

    • Well good for you that would be pretty shitty to have that keep happening

  • Which site is it? How come you dont have her picture? What makes you suspicious Etc... Did you try looking her up on facebook? You need to add more d├ętails dude..


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  • Hard to say. I have very few pictures of myself online, and I only share them when they aren't used in multiple locations--for example, if I have something on imgur, I don't use it on Facebook. Never who is coming across your stuff and what their motivations might be; would hate to have it affect me professionally, for example.

    • Yeah man its I'm gonna feel so bad if I keep accusing this girl of being fake and it turns out she's real

    • No need to be paranoid. Keep it friendly and cool for now. Set up a video chat if you can, and until you can confirm she is who she says, just don't get attached or anything. She might just be shy, so give her a chance to get comfortable with the idea of a video chat.

  • wtf is tineye reverse?

    Generally good in my experience (google), Skype or something though, get her snapchat.