Any thoughs on what to do about this girl from the gym that I have a thing for?

I feel like I'm stuck at that awkward stalemate stage when you see someone at gym you find interesting but not sure what to do about it. I don't even like know her name but she's been going to gym since start of new year and she's noticed me and I've checked her out a few times. she even got jealous once when I tried to talk to another girl. but we haven't had a lot of contact ourselves yet.

I don't know if I'm just wasting my time on her or if she is a realistic option for me? I've wanted to try and talk to her but she always seems to be busy or hard to approach and not sure what I'd talk to her about anyways


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  • How did you know she was jealous when you were talking to another girl? Try approaching her near the end of her workout, or find yourself walking out the same time she does and start a casual conversation with her. Don't be nervous to talk to her, if she got jealous when you were talking to another girl then she will definitely want to talk to you.

    • I'm not sure how best to approach her I'm left wondering if she just wants to be left alone or really wants me attention. at gym she spent whole time today and yesterday on same machine and no way I could talk to her. and I don't stay at gym as long is her so I don't have time to wait for her to finish. but I also noticed today she parked rate beside me in lot and she knows what my car looks like so that might of been intentional. and she definity notices me at the gym, I'm not an unknown guy she definity notices me

    • I think the best way to approach her would be to go up to her when she's taking a water break or walking to another machine. If she knows your car and parka next to you then it was probably intentional. I think it would be cute to leave a little note on her windshield, but that could also be considered creepy.

    • yeah I agree it be best to try when she is not on a machine or somehow available so I won't be seen as interrupting her. once we arrived at same time and she was putting her coat on rack as I opened door , I should of said something then. I also did wonder if she parked beside me intentionally

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  • You should definitely try to talk to her if she's gotten jealous. (It means she already has an emotional attachment to you) Just ask if she'd spot for you one day at the gym and go from there. I'm sure she'll be happy to help (:


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