Why is he acting like this and what should I do?

my ex started talking to me again after he dumped me. Well we hung out and then when he dropped me off he kissed me and we ended up making out for a while. That was our first kiss since we broke up 5 months ago. So anyways things were fine and he seemed just as interested after that happened. Me and him switch off who starts the conversation bc I like both people to put in equal amount of effort, so he would text me one day and I'd text him the next. Ok so you should know that we would talk either every day or every other day.. This continued even after he kissed me. But within the past week it seems to me like he isn't as interested. I texted him on Saturday and he was taking forever to respond and he stopped replying so our convo was very short which made it seem like he didn't wanna talk. I texted him again on Monday to make plans for this weekend. Well it's Thursday tm and we haven't talked since Monday when I started the convo and I'm annoyed bc we used to talk every day and now we've only talked 2 times in the last week. And both of those time I was the one to start the convo. I don't know what to do. He is supposed to come over Saturday but I was thinking that if he doesn't text me until the day we are supposed to hangout, it just shows that all he wants to do is kiss me since he hasn't tried to talk to me all week. So I was thinking I should tell him that I don't want him to come over, and when he asks "why?", I'll say "bc now that you won me back you don't make an effort to talk to me anymore & I don't want someone who is gonna get bored that fast." .. I kinda wanna tell him that it seems to me like he wanted me more before we kissed, but I'm not sure if I should bc he'll get mad. Anyways, do you think I'm overreacting or is it normal that I'm worried? And what should I do about this?


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  • Seek out closure.


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