Should I give her a second chance?

Well in January a girl dumped me after a month of dating, we got along well, but I had an anxiety attack that freaked her out. ( dealing with dad's death last year ) and she came up with a lovely excuse to break up / not hurting my feelings at the time. saying she had some news and she was a complete mess, was no good to date anyone at the moment, and that I was an amazing person and I would find a lovely lady very soon.. I just said all good, have your space and let it be, then just went NC ever since.. Recently she got back in contact t, Should I question her motives? I know her interest in me dropped massively after the anxiety attack, and could it just be a case of now that I am unavailable she is interested again? Thanks


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  • If the girl can't stick with you when you need her the most than she's not really worth it. Maybe something did come up on her end, but that doesn't cause you to completely break up with someone. You deserve better and you deserve the support every relationship should have and give, otherwise it becomes a one sided relationship where one person gives and the other always takes. If you still really like her than try it but I'd def talk about all of the break up stuff now while it's easier before you possibly get back together.

    • Yeah, but atm I do have depression and when she disappeared my anxiety was through the roof... not exactly attractive traits in a man.. I don't need her around, I think at the time I was just maybe too much to handle, I was out of control

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    • No problem. Good luck with everything and stay strong.

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  • If she can't handle your anxiety you shouldn't pressure it on her. Don't take offense, maybe you'll find someone better along the way.

    • Your spot on, maybe she was subtley telling me my head was a mess when she wanted space, girls have a lovely way to be indirect while also helping you subtlety along the way

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