OK guys, lay it on me straight. What could be the possible reasons why I haven't had a bf in highschool?

I really want a relationship and someone to care for and cuddle with, but I feel like guys just reject me or don't see me and it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. And I can't believe I'm that desperate to turn to this sight, but here Ya go.


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    We've barely even talked to you before , we don't even know what you look like.
    How'd we know?

    • I was just thinking you'd have like some generalizations of why I maybe don't have one. They don't have to be super specific:p

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    • Well I'm not much of a singer myself lol
      More of a physically minded kinda person myself but who knows maybe I will find my voice to sing some day.

      You know what?
      Seriously I have to see anything out of the ordinary here. I think it's just not your time yet.
      You'll find your special someone eventually 😉

    • Thank you so much! Good talk!

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  • No you don't, your rushing and shit will hit the fan if your emotions are involved. there's no rush cause you feel the need for love or attention from the opposite sex. There's nothing wrong with rejection or no one noticing your lovely appearance you may being, it better than being lied to, cheated on, or other worse things. I mean this when I tell you, a partner to cuddle with without bearing emotions is a waste of time. But if I knew who you were I might be able to tell you why guys don't appeal to you. 1st thing come to mind is that your not there type.

    • aw thanks for the reassurance that means a lot! And I don't just mean cuddle, like I actually want someone to love and care for.

    • Your welcome, I'm not trying categorize you as other girls, your special, talented, and different butto see you emotionally strung over a desprite decision is heartbreaking. and its okay have some love and care for you as you love and care for them. The hard part is figure out how long they will feel that way.

  • Hey we don't bite. Anyways, you're not alone. I was kind of the same way (minus the cuddling) and it might be because of you not being forward enough. That or just plain bad luck and having no good guys at your school. That's the worst.

    • I really think it is that I'm not straightforward enough! I just get super shy when I like a guy:/

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    • That's true! Thanks so much for the advice! I'll definitely be considering the tips:)

    • No problem! Willing to help anytime.

  • Most likely? You're insecure. Based on your description, that's most likely. You might also not be pretty, or might be a bitch.

    • Hey, at least you're straightforward, exactly what I needed I probably am a bitch, and I am pretty insecure so whatevs!

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