Has he moved on or does he still love me?

I met a guy through a mutual friend in uni, he seemed to be a nice guy and he used to text me everyday for a month and then finally got the nerve to ask me out after a month.. After the date, we kissed and since then we were in love.. He told me he loves me and even wanted to marry me! Anyways, everything was going well.. We had sex twice within a week and he used to come to my house and we ended up having sex almost everyday.
after some time, I felt like he was losing interest in me. So then when I confronted him this, he calls me immature and then finally I told him its time we become friends.
he agrees to it, we had amazing sex after that.. Almost every weekend, he visits me and there we are, fully naked together. This goes on for 2 months.. Then all of a sudden he stopped contacting me.. If I talk to him, he responds but or else he has never initiated contact.
I was so, much in love, that I used to think about him everyday and miss him.. Finally I unfriended him on Facebook yesterday.
he hasn't talked to me.


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  • sounds like maybe he is the immature one not because he's a bad person but because he isn't on your level. A guy will have sex with you if you let him and he'll be very nice to get it. Not saying he didn't or doesn't have feelings for you! i'm glad you unfriended him, do you! if he's worth your time he'll show you cause... and this will always be true... if a man wants you, wants to see you, wants you with him... he will make it happen! he may still have love for you but i'd say he's moved on. let the bird go if he comes back he's yours! doing the right thing and it's hard but respect yourself and maybe something better is waiting for you as soon as you stop looking for who this guy use to be!