Ladies- is choice of car/truck really a turn on?

Following that stupid commercial about Chevy' s "Lady Magnet" and that "Be a Man" from Dodge.

Back on topic, women;
Guy 1 drives a pickup. But he also hit his ex, hates his mother, is a sex offenders. Hangs with others like him. But he drives a pickup, date him or no?

Guy 2 drives a sedan. Went to college, has a medium wage job. Been singke single all his life, the opposite of guy 1. But he drives a sedan. Date him?

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  • Neither because they don't have a trillion dollar supercar made of velvet and unicorn hide
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm frankly appalled you would expect any girl to even consider a guy who doesn't have a discerning taste in unicorn hide.

    Guy 1 is a definite no but I don't think I'd be all that into Guy 2 either. Car choice has nothing to do with the decision.


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  • Isn't it obvious? Guy 2

  • I like a guy driving a sedan better than a pick up anyway- so definitely guy 2, plus if never even hang out with a guy that hits his mother.


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