What do women feel/think?

Most of the guys when they see a woman who is pretty or hot right away they think about either having sex because she is hot or dating her cause she's cute. Of course this is the first thought we all get. Later comes the "get to know each other" etc.

So my question is. What do women think the moment they see a hot or a handsome guy? What is the first thought? Do they think the same as men? Or do they think about other things like getting to know them or how he would look naked? Or if he has a big package or not? Or do women get a tiny bit wet? What is the first thing that pops in your mind?

  • yes, we think the same things as men do.
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  • It depends on the girl. If she's more rough she might think something along the lines of sex but the more girly girls might just go gossip to their friends about his hottness. I've never really done either personally, I like guys after I know their personality.


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  • Me when I see a cute/hot guy I think how we would look together lol I think some women think sex first but general I think we think in getting together and know him first.


What Guys Said 1

  • Everytime u see a gorgeous girl u seek lust in her, create bad thoughts for her?

    What a shame!!!

    • Oh hush Turk... It's human nature. I'm pretty sure you done it too. @Turk6666

    • Never said that. If i see a gorgeous girl i would want to date her. If i think she's just hot then i would think about just hooking up wit her and not dating her. there's no bad thoughts in that

    • ooh ok. Got you @Turk6666 :)

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