Girls, the grab twist and pull?

Hi, has any girl ever been taught this? my sister takes a self defence class and she said they taught her that if you grab a man by the testicles and twist and pull it will make a guy pass out WITHIN 8 seconds... is she lying? surely they don't teach girls this... that really annoys me if they do


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  • Yeah I have heard this too.
    I am entering my 6th year in Karate,
    Which is not the same as self defense.
    I think the girl is waay too vulnerable to get that close.
    A groin front snap kick will down any guy.
    +. for a girl, it's pretty fun
    To take down any 200 lb threat with just one easy kick.

    • yeah see i don't know about that... i don't think a kick there would take me down, it would just make me angry

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    • oh really, like 30 seconds? id imagine thats how long id be down for if i did go down...20-30 seconds is still a long time though

    • In Karate accidents happen, especially during sparring.
      I've ball kicked guys, just by accident.
      They can usually get up in a minute or two, but go off the mat.
      but if it's solid blow
      and they start puking
      they're done for the day,
      Home with ice packs
      I think that's enough of this.

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  • Think about where and why girls are learning this. Are they learning it because they want revenge on that guy who stole their parking spot? Or are they learning these things as a last resort to do anything to escape from someone trying to rape them?

  • If some guy was trying to harm me it's a last resort kind of thing. It's called self defense.

  • Yup, I was taught this years ago in high school. They also taught us to scream "fire" if I was being assaulted/raped. I can only hope they aren't teaching that one anymore‚Ķbecause that says a lot of uncomfortable things about society.

    • so they ACTUALLY told you to grab him by the nuts and twist and pull? it makes me sick justing thinking about it...

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    • But isn't it a good thing that your sister has a way of defending herself if someone is attacking her? Don't think of it as a slight to men. It's not a game of advantages and disadvantages, it's a matter of someone needing to keep themselves safe when their wellbeing and potentially their life is being threatened.

    • yeah thats a very good point

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  • Probably. Balls are sensitive man. I'd rather a martial art than dick grab though. All you really gotta do is murderously impale your foot into a guys balls with all intent of sending them rocketing out his mouth.

      So true
      I think i remember Asker. he has posted this before.
      It might be some kind of fetish you know.
      He is all fixated on it.
      It is technically, a temporary castration.
      some guys get all psyched up over it,

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    • or he has maybe even by a girl
      I don't know
      sounds suspicious to me. kindof

    • LOL wow what are you talking about.

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