Girls would you date immature guy?

I dont mean it like a young boy.

I mean he is socialy awkward with personality mess. Like bad dress code and eating habits and other usual stuff. He is not capable acomplish dating to get in friendship with any girl. And he don't know where to get right soulmate. He is loyal, nice,.. maybe not.. . And yes he wouldn't give good presents as you wish, so he have dificulties to get to know other people. And he wouldn't know what to do with her if he got girl (not that immature). He is hever experienced true love.

His belief is in one right patient girl who could make his life better and awesome happy :) Who wouldn't think about his badass but make out all good of him. He is cold clamp but this warm and kind heart could open his.

And his only truth wish and dream is to get one king honest girlfriend for ever. Girl who could newer imagine to betray him. Sometimes his heart hurts a lot in this cruel world and it hurts more he know he is cruel as well as world he came from.
In general oweraly thats it


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  • No one wants to fix someone else when getting in a relationship. That's something you need to do on your own. Sorry for the harsh words, but I'm being truthful.

    • Thank you. That means I am gone, Because I might not get it all done by my self. If I fix some basic stuff it still means she might like to think serious about me and if not then divorce later anyways.

      I don't know what to do

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  • One time I had a crush on an immature person, and it was the worst decision of my whole entire life.
    He would play mind games with me, trying to persuade a one night stand (though he didn't realize that I have pride in myself) with me, and I kept on falling for thinking that he actually liked me. I asked him to my senior prom and he turned into the worlds most nastiest person I've ever ran into.
    His character was more of a mamas boy, he's 21 years old now, doesn't work, doesn't go to college, and still lives with his mother. I'm 19 and am the exact opposite, though I still live with my parents since I graduated last year.
    The two of us combined like oil and water. Though there are still girls out there willing to try harder to change him, I tried and he just didn't want to budge.
    Now I'm with a 19 year old, we've been dating for 7 months, and we both take things seriously. We are combining really well.

    • Thank you for your story. Sounds great experience.
      Maybe he can't do it the oposite just like that.

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    • Understood and I tried to work with him, but he just did not want to change his personality. I got tired of being treated like a piece of property instead of an actual person.

    • I think this staff about property is overestimated. So bad guys are. But if you want this guy does it necesery mean property. Property is when he calls only for sex or to fix his problems yes...
      I think you mean not give that love in return or... and it drained you
      But what can be done with it? And it sucks for these poor people. It is not some girls but whole sociaty against them

  • waiting for a girl to make your life happy, won't get you girls. they'll probably avoid you. just accept who you are, we all have flaws, there's someone out there for you.

    • Thank you. I hope for that.
      I hope there is someone right for me and it coudn't spoil.
      Someone who just simply could tell me right thing and everything happen natural and benefit both.

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