Should I continue or not kinda driving me crazy, what do you think?

OK I know I'm not ugly or unappealing. So I try online dating to find women that don't hang where I go. I tried pof, badoo, and even meetme. Now everytime I do message a girl I hit her up. I put work in my messages and tell them I'm just trying to get to know them. They see the messages and 95% of the time they don't ever respond.

Like if your not interested just tell me your not going to hurt my feelings. All you going to make me think is that your too stupid to know how to use technology.

Has anyone else have this problem? Cuz I even wrote on my profile to at least message me back if your interested.

For those who think I ignore the ones that message me I respond back 100% if I'm interested I tell them if not I tell them. I'm not wasting nobody's time


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  • This is going to sound harsh and I don't mean to be, but for every average to above average looking girl, there are 50 guys trying to contact her. I would receive 20 to 30 messages a day, and honestly I couldn't keep up with trying to reply to them all to be polite. The result, I'm afraid, is that I am sure many guys got hurt feelings. On the flip side, I have labored over a pm to guys and been ignored, too.

    Try not to take it personally, and just keep trying.


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  • Me and my bf of 3 years met on pof and he said before he met me most girls didn't respond to his messages. Girls seem to ignore the nice guys for some reason but thats what made my bf stand out, most guys that messaged me would say omfg your so hot, or something sexual. Be patient and you'll meet someone when you least expect it 😊

    • Man that what I want. I use to say those things to seems the odd one out there sheep, but I realized I've was just like them. So now I just plan a day we could go bowling or go walk sound the park

    • See and a girl who would want to do that is ginna be hard to find but will def be worth the wait. Dont settle for the typical girl who just wants to be wined and dined. Go for the girl who likes to have fun amd is down to earth

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  • You should continue