Is she interested or is she stringing me along big time! Most confusing situation ever hahah?

So I've been seeing this girl from work, she seemed very flirtatious and interested for a couple of months till I eventually decided i was interested in her and asked her out.
She seemed very very happy to catch up, three times infact and showed a great interest. We slept together twice...
And then she had to go overseas for 2 months, and guess we decided that we'd see each other when she gets back (her idea).
I fb msged her approx once a week when she was gone (she never initiated) and she replied mostly straight away and was happy to talk.
now after that I've asked her to dinner again and she said something along the lines of "yeah for sure, but im busy catching up with friends and family for the next few weeks but defs catch up for dinner". she's also starting a new uni course straight away when she's back so i understand she will be busy but i thought shed maybe suggest another time specifically if she really wanted to, so i dno im starting to feel some doubt and very very sudden shift in her level of enthusiasm.
What do you guys think? Am i overthinking? Or is she letting me down easy?
P. s she is coming down to this social event a week from now that i invited her to and she seems semi interested in that but i dno if she's excited to see me kr just excited to have a night out. she's happy to come, kind of aloof about EVERYTHING. Haha help!

she did say twice in the one text that dinner is a definite but just not for the next "Few weeks".

So the being busy bit a) makes sense cause she IS busy, but is negative sign. HOWEVER saying "definatly, for sure we'll have dinner" twice in the same text makes me think she wants to reiterate that she's still keen to catch up.
I mean after being interested for a while, then sleeping with me twice, and having a great fun together, why would she change her mind after a month or two apart.


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  • ... I'm starting to feel some doubt and very very sudden shift in her level of enthusiasm...
    This is because it doesn't take any rocket scientist to figure out that she is giving you lame duck excuses instead Of------Letting me down easy with convo instead. She is hoping Helpfuls of hymning and hawing will give you the Hint that she is doing her own thing, is keeping busy with her own life now, and that she wants to be this free bird, with no strings attached right now.
    Play it lite and semi sweet here, dear. If she seems 'Kind of aloof about EVERYTHING,' then she may just want to be friends and keep it as a----Night out.
    Be yourself, don't seem this eager beaver and wear your heart on your sleeve.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Maybe she just doesn't want to make any decisions given her busy lifestyle. Maybe it just isn't a good time but she still likes you so doesn't want to lose you. If you really want to then give it time. Ask her out a couple times, if that flakes just fall back a bit and let her initiate.

  • It seems this girl has a lot on her plate and is trying to make sure she spends time with loved ones. Go with it and mayne you'll be in thelobed ones group someday


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  • She's not interested tbh

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