Does anyone find the word " date" awkward?

Like you want to ask someone out on a date and the only thing stopping you is you don't feel comfortable saying the word. Of course if you dont say date, they can think you just want to hang out as friends.

Just curious. It used to bother me. It just is an awkward word kind of frilly. I was not used to thinking about dating so the word never really made it into my vocabulary. I had a need for it before I was used to it... Maybe it's simply bc I was not used to it. And that's all.

ever since being on here im getting used to it. Now I feel a bit odd that im getting used to it. As if it's supposed to bother me bc that's who I -am-.

I didn't get over it by using the word in real life though. And im lucky my bf knew I meant as a " date" when I asked him Iit. Or I don't know if he knew but tried his luck at treating it that way.

If it or other words interfered with dating, how did you manage?

At least which category to put this in is obvious:)


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  • Many younger my age and younger are freaked out by the word "date"... somehow that words make said people think about "pressure" and "formalities" (like a job interview),

    instead of fun and enjoyment.

    • No it's not that at all. I like structure and organization. It's the opposite the word just feels silly to me. Id rather say would you like to come with me to a lecture on paliontology :)

      But I guess a lot of people are bothered by it for ehy yoire saying too.

    • Why * youre*

    • Hmm maybe I can think of it as officious instead of " high school" that could help:)

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  • Date implies a certain formality and expectations - this is why it's more common to ask people to 'hang out' since there's none of that pressure.

    Then you can ask if that was a DATE date and chuckle to yourselves.

    • That's not why it bothers me

      It just feels awkward and childish. I guess I associate it with romantic comedies and pink hearts.

      I - never- say hang out. Thst just feels like I can't talk properly lol

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    • Or as if I'm trying too hard sound casual. I find the term awkward if it's directed at someone you like. It feels contrived and like you're uncomfortable with your real intentions. and being secretive,

      I have a bf so im not looking for suggestions. Just Intersting how people feel differently about words.

    • Yeah I think you're right. And I suspected but wasn't sure. That's why I asked but so far not finding any matches:p

  • I say date and people got all nervous and stuff...
    why is that?
    i hate how you have to be indirect about so many things now days

    I usually say would you like to go out this weekend? or something like that...

    • Doesn't bother me at all of a guy says it. I just feel silly when I say it... And I love " direct" :)

    • YES! haha!
      And yeah its a hard thing to say "will you go on a date with me?"
      "do you want to go on a date?"
      Its really hard thing to say... i get all shaky lol!

    • Definitely awkward:)

  • Awkwars id not awkward. it's all down to your culture and economic wealth


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  • Asking someone to hang out and grab some dinner/catch a movie etc is a less formal way to express it.

    • Very true but sometimes like if you're already friends, that's confusing , and sometimes they ask " what do you mean" or why or in what way or what do you want... Stuff you may have to to use certain words to explain :)

      But yes asking to catch a movie is easy. And usually understood:)

  • All words that mean love or anything similar are awkward for me... so i use English for them. Somehow i get really shy

    • I understand that very well. It's also easier if I say it in a foreign language;);)

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