Need help with what to do?

Well basically I like his girl (a lot) and prom is coming up. Me and her are good Friends,
One of her friends. Said to me, you should get her a Corsage and put it outside her house? What do you guys think of that?
Also thinking of asking her out, just Don't wanna ruin the friendship! Someone help?


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  • She may think the 'Corsage' a corny idea here, dear, so go with your own best given thought And-----Thinking of asking her out.
    By doing this, you both, being you already are these 'Good friends,' will be able to bond a bit better before the Big Event and with old Mother Nature by your side, a 'Friendship' will be saved, nurtured and nursed even more and... you both can be talking about reaping this ripe patch of 'Prom is coming up.'
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know what you should do