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Three months ago I met a charming, handsome young man from my area online. We met in person, bonded as friends, magically had sex one night on his birthday, became friends with benefits , and now here we are nearly 3 months later.

We are wildchilds together: we have so much fun together, we have sex a lot, we party together alone, etc. But we also have this really amazing angelic side: we hold hands, we kiss, we hug, we cuddle, we sing to each other, we talk about our future goals and careers, we talk about our lives, we buy things for each other, we text sweet messages everyday, and the works. We even spent Christmas Eve, New Years Day, and V-Day together.

We basically act like a couple but we haven't made it official. We were having drinks a few nights ago and he was playing songs that we kept listening to on a weekend getaway trip. He said that they were "our songs" and he said when he gets home after our hangouts he listens to them and falls asleep. Another thing he brought up was the question what Id do if I got pregnant with his child. He asked if Id marry him and he led the convo into how he wants to be a father so bad, have a big family, and how beautiful our kids would be. He told me all the character qualities that he adores about me. When we parted the next morning we said we remember what we said when we were tipsy and that we meant everything we said.

We hung out twice since then and now I feel so comfortable around him like he is my Home.

I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life. What are your thoughts is it weird that we aren't official? Does it even matter to bring up a official convo about it this far? Can I call myself his gf?


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  • It sounds like it's meant to be. You say you have a great rapport, just hold his hand and say "what do you say we make you and me official?" If he gets nervous or doesn't answer, tell him he can have some time to think about it and then drop the subject and snuggle up.

    HOWEVER! How do you know he doesn't think it's official? Is it just something you need to hear, in the face of all this evidence, before you'll believe it?


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  • U sure that's just a friends with benefits relationship? :p
    I mean sounds more that that
    Why don't you guys talk about it over a coffee or something

  • My opinions is very good. keep up the good work


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