Following your head vs following your heart?

I'm in a situation at the moment where me and a guy (1) are flirting madly with each other, all the time but he has a girlfriend. I've also just realised that another guy (2) likes me, but I never thought of him in that way until now, when I started thinking about it. Guy number 2 is sweet, funny and seems like he'd be a good boyfriend given time, but he doesn't (I'll be frank) turn me on the way guy number 1 does, even though I think I like him. I can't describe how awesome it feels to be seeing guy number 1, but obviously he has a girlfriend (I'm a bad person, I know). My heart's telling me to go for number 1, and my head is telling me that's it's fed up with things not working out with guys, and to play it safe. But what if in going out with guy number 2, I miss my chance with number 1? Advice would be greatly appreciated!


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  • "And seems like he'd be a good boyfriend". What does that mean? What does the first guy do, that the second one doesn't. But then you've said, that the second guy doesn't turn you on. Like how does the first guy turn you on, more than the second?

    Now, here's my advice. I truly don't think your sure what you want. Your all over the place first off. You need to stop thinking of getting with either one, because of that. The first guy is with someone else. So, why would you even want to put yourself into that mindset, and thinking? Why can't you be friends? Is it because you like him? If so, get over yourself, and start to learn to be an adult, and just deal with being single number one. Then the second guy, your not even sure of, in the first place. So, to be honest, be single. learn to be that. Your still young enough to enjoy that. Then when, someone does come along, your ready for that person. Because I think we tend to find people we can't have, because it's a challenge, in which woman tend to enjoy. At the same time, your making yourself crazy. Stop it, move on. Real relationships don't start with that. It's supposed to flow. You shouldn't look, and feel crazy, in which I'm sorry you do.

    Thats why it's best to be present. When you are, things unfold, other people you may not even have seen you might like, and they might like you. But because your blinded by all your emotions within the two guys that aren't even for you. You won't be able to have other chances with others.

    Lastly, because of how your acting, and what your up against. One guy having a girlfriend already, the second one, you seem to not even be interested in the first place, because you can't get turned on, might have something to do with you learning about yourself right now. No one acts like that, unless they need to work on things themselves. Like being happy within yourself. That's why were single in the first place, is to learn, and to help ourselves grow. In which you still need to :)


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  • I recommend to follow both.


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  • You're young.
    Your being assaulted by hormones.
    Heart, head, are confusing.
    Experience will teach you how to use both.
    I, like my head
    I love my heart.
    Sorry I can't advise you better.

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